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E-Commerce Shipping Online

For any small business done on an e-commerce platform, shipping products is a complex operation. Merchants lose money either through poor planning or no planning at all. When a small e-commerce business fails to plan or does poor planning, this can lead to the shop losing sales altogether since it will not provide a cost-effective or consistent product delivery. Small businesses are mostly unable of sending more massive shipments at a time, of several pallets. Most also cannot afford to hire a logistics provider who keeps in check their shipping services. Therefore, for such kinds of business owners, it is essential for them to have in place some guidelines for managing their shipping online.

It should be known that every dollar saved on transportation goes a long way to see that the small business is improving and its financial performance is something to pride itself at. Therefore, as a small trader, here are a few factors to consider before you ship products to your clients wherever they are.

1. Match delivery requirements and common shipment costs

Choose a shipping service provider. Various famous shipping providers include DHL, UPS FedEx, as well as the US Postal Service. Be sure to work with a small business specialist or good software for shipping software to match the carrier’s shipping costs and services with reputable shipping requirements. Understand their mode of transport and the timing of your deliveries. A study suggests that any business which does not work closely with carriers may lose a staggering 40% in fees. A specialist or your software will advise the merchant on the best time to do the shipping, and the best mode of making deliveries. They will also advise you on the cost for each mode of transportation depending on the weight of the package as well as the size. Before doing anything, compare the carrier’s tariffs, and you will be sure to save cost on shipping. But we particularly recommend you to start looking at USPS shipping rates, since it si a simple and powerful shipping platform that will allow you to get your products to your customers. 

Choose a Shipping Service Provider
Shipping Providers

2. Know the cost charge-back policies

Let your customers know how much they will pay for shipping and when your online shop will dispatch their products. More often, a three-day parcel service is the average level of service that your carrier is responsible for. On top premium services are paid entirely by the client. Premium services include an overnight air or a parcel that takes two days to arrive.

3. It’s essential to use a postage meter

In case you did not know, a postage meter is a small device that has a scale for taking the weight of your package. This machine will also access the postage charges as well as printing the shipping labels. These machines substitute the use of mailers who guess the weight of your package. More often the mailer will only guess the price, and more often they will set it on a higher side making your e-commerce shop to purchase additional postage. Going with a postage meter option will ensure you do away with possible over-postage and is preferable than going to your shipping carrier. This can save you more than 20% on your postage every year. This gadget can be bought or even leased at a pocket-friendly rate, from $20.

Shipping Carrier
E-Commerce Shipping Online

4. Track your carrier’s performance

What is your carrier’s scorecard has to say about their services? This is a measure of their services provided to its clients as well as their cost. Know their service factors which are their pickup, deliveries, understand their customer service level and how they have been treating their shippers will help big- time. One more thing, cancan you access their online status data and if so, if this data accurate? All these factors are sure to save you considerable costs on shipments.

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